Saturday, August 09, 2008

Further updates on the former future President and all around "Man of the People", and his current state of affairs

Old Media Dethroned.

"But what's really significant here is the cone of silence the nation's major newspapers -- including The Times -- and the cable and broadcast networks dropped over this story when it first appeared in the tabloid during the presidential primary campaign. Next, the Enquirer reported that the unmarried Hunter was pregnant. Still no mainstream media interest. Indeed, never in recent journalistic history have so many tough reporters so closely resembled sheep as those members of the campaign press corps who meekly accepted Edwards' categorical dismissal of the Enquirer's allegations."

You will note that our local Old Media Denier in Chief STILL doesn't get it.

Why are we not surprised?

The End of John Edwards

"Edwards' political appeal was rooted in his ability to turn a policy matter into a moral issue and to rouse his audience into action. That's all gone now."

Collateral Damage in the Edwards' Confession

"Barack Obama and the MSM -- especially the NYT -- will suffer significant collateral damage from the Edwards fallout.

A BIG Democrat, one of Obama's peers as candidate for president, is a phony. How big a phony remains to be seen, but the signs do not favor a quick and clean resolution of the matter.

The archetype of the phony populist, master manipulator of suckers, gets recharged, big time."

Dallas Attorney Admits Paying Edwards' Mistress

"So let's get this straight:

John Edwards has an affair with a staff member and lies about it to the American public. He gets caught by the National Enquirer, photographed even, and still lies about it. He says he never loved Hunter, and that the affair happened while his wife's cancer was in remission. He says he couldn't be the father because of the timing of the baby's birth, and denies giving money to her to keep her quiet. Two former staff and good friends of Edwards take the fall - Baron says he paid off Hunter, and Andrew Young says he's the actual father of the baby.

Something is a little fishy here."

Ya think?

And finally, Patterico has several posts of interest:

Why Edwards' Denial about Paternity Doesn't Pass the Smell Test

"Oh wait, there’s more

'Edwards denied paying any money to Hunter to keep her from going public but said it was possible some of his friends or supporters may have made payments without telling him.

He said he would ask questions about any possible arrangement.'

Ok there…..

So I guess we are supposed to now believe that Edwards had an affair with Hunter that somehow ended. Then AFTER the affair with Edwards ended, Hunter had ANOTHER affair with Edwards’ (married) aide Andrew Young, and managed to get pregnant by Young."

The AP on John Edwards and Integrity

"Now let’s apply these criteria to the rumors about John McCain and Vicki Iseman:

The New York Times’ article on John McCain and Vicki Iseman was a potentially career-ending scandal based on rumors. In fact, the New York Times’ Public Editor later criticized the report for its lack of independent proof.

That didn’t stop the New York Times from breaking the story or CBS/AP from repeating it with McCain’s denial, nor did it prevent the AP from lumping Cindy McCain in with other “political wives who stood by their men in the face of rumored or alleged marital infidelity.”

But it’s true the New York Times is not a popular but trashy supermarket tabloid. Its declining advertising revenues and circulation show it’s not that popular."


  1. it will be like a house of cards when one of the canaries starts singing. One of the canaries ought to go ahead and cut a book deal now because I'll bet the under the table payments that Edwards knows nothing about are going to stop flowing. I would guess the mistress will be getting a huge child support settlement from Edwards down the road when its proven he is the father.

  2. It appears he got his ethics and lying lessons from Bill Clinton. Say or do anything to satisfy the the ego or libido and lie and cheat and destroy anyone who gets in the way of the coverup. Lesson well learned Mr. Edwards.