Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Failure of the Lefties' "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention" Propaganda Meme

Encouraging people to "be angry" isn't proving to be such a great idea.

Key point:

"But most of us are reasonable people, and can see the difference between correctable problems within a strong system of democratic capitalism and the kind of catastrophic failure that justifies real outrage.

For the nonoutraged majority, here's what the bumper sticker ought perhaps to say: 'If you're not grateful to live in America, you're not paying attention.'"

On the other hand, it's highly debatable that a great many of our Dem/Lefty/"Progressive" citizens can be considered "reasonable".We see evidence of that right here in our local blahgosphere.


  1. "America, it's not a catastrophic failure."

  2. Roch101 said..."America, it's not a catastrophic failure"

    Reading the leftnoids on the Conehead Corner you wouldn't know it nor from reading the LSM, who are only one step above the clowns at Cones blog...and that ain't saying a whole lot.

  3. "America, it's not a catastrophic failure."

    Unfortunately for you and those who think like you......