Thursday, July 31, 2008

Barry O'Bama: Covering dishonesty with more dishonesty regarding Iraq

It's clear that the Anointed One has been and most likely will continue to be intellectually dishonest about Iraq.


"Obama has not only turned out to be a practitioner of the 'old politics'; he has, as a young, first-term senator, come to embody it. He has fallen into seemingly every trap he said he would avoid.

All the hype, all the promise, all the high-minded words have turned out to be a mirage. And for those of us who were once impressed with Obama, even as we strongly disagreed with his political ideology, it has been both a fascinating and unsettling thing to witness. Watching a man become what he preaches against often is."

Actually, we shouldn't be surprised that Barry O is trying to have it both ways on Iraq.

Most of his Fellow Travelers in the Dem/Lefty/"Progressive"/Nutroot community are equally guilty of that sort of thing.


  1. And that should surprise you? Afterall the man said in his own words, "It's just words." You can certainly tell from his statement that he is straight forward on one thing. Everything he says is just words to get him elected but then after all what are words? JUST WORDS?