Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Random thoughts on "The Speech"

1. The speech will be the first of several crucial ones he will make from this stage forward in the campaign.

2. It (and the entire Wright issue) will lead to a "Dump Obama" movement among Democrat power brokers, joined by more than a few from the Nutroot contingent. Watch this.

3. Nevertheless, it won't be enough to deny him the nomination, despite the fact he is now trailing in national polls, and in the PA primary polls.

4. The Lame Streamers will no doubt be effusive in their praise of Obama and his words, far out of proportion to what those words actually said and accomplished for the senator.

5. The Obama camp's effort to focus on "Moving On" will be rather futile.

6. Most of the conservatives are having a field day with this issue. (Hat tip: Fred Gregory)

7. The lingering result of all this will be a reminder of his bad judgment about the people and philosophies with whom he has allowed himself to be associated with for many years.

8. Finally, this will all result in the text of his last crucial campaign speech beginning with the words "I would like to offer my congratulations to President-elect McCain on his victory this election night".

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