Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Cone Project: The Obama speech

It didn't take long for the true colors to come out, did it?


"In any event, it is disheartening to see Obama wrestle with race in a very real, honest and eloquent way and then have the knuckledraggers immediately oversimplify, soundbite and degrade the debate through ignorant attacks."

-- drfranklives

The GOP cannot sustain itself without the support of these bigots. Over the last 40 years, it has consciously transformed itself into the latter day version of the Jim Crow Democratic Party. In a parallel track, conservative Christians have allowed themselves to become solidly identified with those who espouse policies of hate. Today, in many circles, to be known as a practicing Christian is also to be assumed to be someone who wants to live in 1950."

-- justcorbly

And then we have poor, deluded, and naive Ged, who says:

"If you don't take him at his word in this speech, you never will believe him regarding anything. The saving grace is the simple fact that he's not speaking to these people. He's speaking to the far, vast majority of American's who share similar experiences or view points that he does."

....a statement which shows you can fool some of the people all of the time.

And then we have Cone, himself, with his usual apologia missing the pertinent points entirely:

"My view is that Wright's views are not Obama's views, and that the uproar resulted in an important speech about Obama's views on race, which I found very satisfying and which made me think the guy would bring a lot of good things to the job."

....which ignores the greater issue of the fact that Obama has consistently used bad judgment in what he says, does, and thinks.

The Wright story is just the latest, but by no means the last example of bad judgment that we know the Senator from Illinois has committed.

Aside to Rosenberg:

These people earned the appellation of "Usual Suspects" and "Dems/Lefties/"Progressive" LONG before I started using those terms.

The name calling didn't start with me. I just react to it appropriately. And accurately.


More vile spew prevails at Cone's:

"This guilt-by-association flap is nothing more than Karl Rove/Republican party dirty propaganda, designed to distort and distract us from the real issues. Kudos to Obama for confronting it directly. Now can white Americans please 'just get over it?'"

-- Laura James

"Your prejudices and downright hatred of those different from you will continue on, but for the majority of Americans, they will take something from this speech and maybe even show a little compassion and understanding when it comes to where Rev. Wright's words originated from in the first place."

-- Stacey

"Spag - we can bring America together around the understanding that republicans ARE responsible for most of the problems, chief of which is that cynicism you mention in you last paragraph."

-- John Burns
(This passage after he had the audacity to complain "This thread is profoundly depressing, Ed. You should close your comments.")

"Spag, i suspect my comments are among those you group under a 'attack the Republicans' rubric.

Well, they deserve it. Not for creating racism or fear and division, but for exploiting it and nurturing it and sustaining it. The GOP made a deliberate decision to go after the votes of people who opposed the civil rights progress of the 1960's, and the politics spawned by that decision have leveraged and nourished by every GOP administration since. That party made a moral choicce that was, and is, fundamentally morally wrong."

-- justcorbly (aka billg)

The lengths to which people like this delve into denial is amazing, isn't it?

And yet when the voters shove it all back in their face, they'll stand around and wonder "what happened?", or they'll extend the denial further by attributing it all to "The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy".

Obama's bad judgment can not be covered up by all the babble, dribble, drool, and spew the Dems/Lefties/"Progressives" produce.

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