Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Antarctic Ice Chunk Collapses! Global Warming Disaster Imminent!

Or so you would think reading this AP story, especially with excerpts like this:

"Scientists said they are not concerned about a rise in sea level from the latest event, but say it's a sign of worsening global warming.

Such occurrences are 'more indicative of a tipping point or trigger in the climate system,' said Sarah Das, a scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute."

Ummmm, no,'s nothing of the sort.


"Last year when Antarctic set a new record for ice extent, it got no media attention. They focused on the north polar regions where the ice set record low levels. This summer when unprecedented anomalous cover continued in the Southern Hemisphere again no coverage. Then this report in the news today. You probably saw it on your favorite network or internet news site (pick one, anyone)."

"In reality it and all the former shelves that collapsed are small and most near the Antarctic peninsula which sticks well out from Antarctica into the currents and winds of the South Atlantic and lies in a tectonically active region with surface and subsurface active volcanic activity. The vast continent has actually cooled since 1979."

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