Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So you think that "universal health care" is some kind of "constitutional right"?

Looks like those "rights" may only apply to certain people in Britain, if some folks get their way.


"Proponents of forcing government health care on Americans want voters to believe that none of this can happen here under their plan. But they can't guarantee it.

All that can be known for sure is that the U.S. will follow the same path as Britain. Bureaucrats will ration care, and those who provide it will become civil servants whose performance will more closely resemble that of DMV employees than caring professionals."

"They are so sure of their wisdom that they won't let the ugly facts about Britain's arrangement — and Canada's failures — deter them from their goal. It's like the famous excuse about communism: It has never worked because the right people have never been in charge."

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