Tuesday, January 29, 2008

No, there's no Doom and Gloom mindset among the Media and in the Blahgosphere, is there?

CBS was in fine form yesterday, as was the Peanut Gallery over at Cone's.

Here's the tab on the CBS nonsense:

CBS has a reputation for be the worst in economy coverage. In October 2006, a Business & Media Institute study, 'Bad News Bears,' showed 80 percent of the full-length stories on the CBS Evening News delivered a negative view of the economy – easily the worst of the three broadcast news programs.'"

Over at Cone's, expect the usual hand wringing lamentations from the Usual Suspects, this time over the drop in home sales.


  1. Bubba,

    The end is near.

    Panic will soon strike.

    Printer Ink Tops $1000 A Barrel

  2. Yes, and water will soon get there too.

    Oh wait......I forgot about Dasani, et al.......