Tuesday, January 08, 2008

So why is Hillary getting her ass kicked all over the place by Obama?

Simple......the theory often floated previously that a key demographic component of voters said to be solidly locked up by Hillary, one which would supposedly propel her into the White House with little effort, turns out to be bogus.


"Politically, the idea of a first woman president does not transfix them—or at least not enough for them to prefer Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama. At least in the Iowa caucuses."

And probably not in the other states, and in other areas of importance that will be necessary for any Dem to receive the nomination.


  1. I think Barrack's surge has to do with finding new people to come out and vote. Hlllary is Hillary. She has the same support base she had 2, 3, 6 years ago. Everyone has a firm idea of her, and she does not have the charisma to convince anyone else to vote for her.

  2. Why? Because people don't like her, pure and simple.

  3. America's best choice is neither man nor woman. America's best choice is Yellow Dog!

  4. What great insight you have.... I mean bias.

  5. "Bias"? Against Hillary? For Obama?

    The only "bias" I have is toward getting a Republican elected president.