Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Regarding certain people's notions regarding "good consensus" and "bad consensus"

Isn't it funny how some folks embrace untested models unquestionably, while they reject time-tested models out of hand?

Key points:

"Although there is no record of accurate prediction for the totally unproven and skepticism-worthy models of the warmist climatologists, liberals are convinced that there is a "scientific consensus" over an impending Anthropogenic Global Warming Crisis that requires undertaking immediate extreme measures including increased carbon taxes as well as new "private sector" solutions such as carbon-trading and selling of carbon-credits."

"Furthermore, President Bush's proposals to increase investment returns on the Social Security trust fund are met with universal derision by liberals as unholy 'privatization' unworthy of this New Deal institution, although one glance at the incredible returns being achieved with professional management of university endowments shows the enormous potential of this approach to solving the actuarial 'crisis'."

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