Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dem doubletalk on Voter ID issue

Remember the howling and moaning we constantly hear from Dems/Lefties/"Progressives" over how terrible and repressive voter ID requirements are? Remember the disingenuous arguments they brought up at the Supreme court on this issue?

Guess what? They don't practice what they preach in their own internal affairs.


"Plaintiffs argue that the caucus sites on the Strip unfairly discriminate against other workers on-duty that day. Lynn Warne, president of the teachers union, insists 'our only interest is fairness.' But instead of seeking additional at-large locations, they want to close down the casino sites."

"For a party that compares photo ID requirements to Jim Crow poll taxes, even when state governments distribute the IDs for free, the irony is rich."

Is anyone really surprised to read this?