Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Dems' Favorite "Get Out The Vote" program to face SCOTUS challenge this week

And there's a good possibility the Supremes will rule in favor of laws that will just ruin this particular segment for the Dems.

Key point:

"Last week, University of Missouri economics and public affairs professor Jeffrey Milyo announced his study results, saying it 'found no consistent or statistically significant evidence that the photo ID law depressed turnout in counties with greater percentages of minority, poor or elderly voters.'"

It is not an unexpected burden for people to positively identify themselves on many everyday activities in their lives.

Registering to vote and showing up to the polls to do so does not magically change a common sense everyday obligation and indeed, it safeguards a right guaranteed under law.

It's time to blow away the smokescreens that Dems/Lefties/"Progressives" put up in opposition to this most basic and necessary security for our rights.

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