Thursday, June 07, 2007

The lessons of D Day

Victor Davis Hanson gives us a prospective that the Surrendercrats and their lefty/"progessive" counterparts don't want you to understand.

This tale might make you come to realize the nonsense that passes for foreign policy and domestic security on the part of the not-so loyal opposition.


The American lesson of D-Day and its aftermath was how to overcome occasional abject stupidity while never giving up in the face of an utterly savage enemy. We need to remember that now more than ever."


  1. The foiled plot to destroy JFK International should send a loud and clear lesson to the nuts who believe we should bring our troops home. As long as we keep them fighting on their territory the fewer of them to bring terror to us. We in the United States are so very vulnerable to all kinds of attacks because we are a very open and trusting society. Any time I get discouraged and begin to wonder just what should be done about the Middle East I remind myself that it is better there than here. BB

  2. Yet over at Cone's, some of our Usual suspects think it's just no big deal, that it's all some kind of scheme to keep us frightened and dependent on our government.

    It's the same old nonsense, and it leads to complacency.