Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Considering the unintended consequences of "global warming" hysteria

Why is it that the True Believers never want to talk about the unintended consequences of their overwrought alarmism?


"Global warming hysteria - a boon for the ethanol and other biofuel enterprises - has boosted demand for crop-based fuels worldwide. This now threatens to reverse a half century of gains not only against world hunger, but also in holding the line against conversion of undeveloped land."

"As long as global warming is hyped as the world's most important environmental problem - as many politicians and environmental pressure groups claim - it will be virtually impossible to rationally evaluate other options in dealing with climate change, or confront the unintended consequences unleashed by global warming hysteria."

UPDATE 6-7-07 9:22 AM

Speaking of unintended consequences......

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