Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Regarding Lefty/"Progressive" elitism

Professor Sowell, as always, gets it right on the money; this time it's in regard to the arrogant attitude of presumption the lefties/"progressives" think they're entitled to assert.

This passage has to rank as the Quote of the Year, at least to this point:

"The ignorance of people with Ph.D.s is still ignorance, the prejudices of educated elites are still prejudices, and for those with one percent of a society's knowledge to be dictating to those with the other 99 percent is still an absurdity."


  1. Just one more reason to admire Sowell! I personally had the misfortune of meeting more stupidity in a university (several in fact) than I had ever met in a ....well.. maybe I don't want to confess just how "eclectic" my experiences have been. Please just take my word on this, okay? BB

  2. If it wasn't for some of us normal dumb smart ones would be like us.. :)