Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Another story to add to the" Vast Left Wing/Dem Culture of Corruption"

Yeah, we can really trust Dems like this to lead the way in eliminating corruption in Congress, can't we?


"Murtha and his fellow Democrats pretended that the intelligence bill contained no earmarks, but Rep. Jeff Flake eventually found 26 of them. By the time he did so, however, it was too late to offer amendments."

Why didn't this crook get nailed to the wall in the aftermath of Abscam?

He hasn't changed, has he?


  1. The Dems ignore or gloss over corruption in their own party while screaming and pointing fingers at imagined corruption in the Republican party. It's a classic disinformation and distraction tactic.
    The mainstream media is a willing participant with the Dems in this charade.
    Until the Republicans can get 5 major news outlets on their side and only one on the Dems side instead of the other way around, we will forever be subjected to this unwarranted and politically corrupt Dem/media assault

  2. Just call Murtha the teflon congressman. In fact, teflon coating seems to be a popular cosmetic use by Democrats. BB