Friday, March 16, 2007

Valerie Wilson's testimony before Congress

Was she lying about certain things?


"Did Plame lie to the House committee today, or does that question hinge on the meaning of the word “recommend,” or the meaning of the word “suggest,” or the meaning of the words “did not”?"

Also, there's this (from a comment):

"There are other problems with her testimony today. She said something about everyone on the “Georgetown Cocktail Circuit” knowing she was an “agent”.

This corresponds to what Andrea Mitchell said several years ago, and corroborates testimony from a old friend, a veteran of the inside Washington political/social scene, who said that Ms. Wilson's occupation was common knowledge, information that he had personally heard several different times before any of this became an issue.


Byron York asks several questions that should have been asked of Ms. Wilson.


...from Flopping Aces.

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