Friday, March 16, 2007

Advance notice for those who are interested

The line is drawn.

UPDATE: March of the Moonbats

....once again, from Flopping Aces.

"Mother" Sheehan will be there.

Play the video. It's funny......


  1. I followed the link from Ed Cone's to see the real Bubba. A Ted Sampley true believer? That's about a sad as it gets.

  2. I don't even need to comment on posts like yours, but I will.

    Can my friends expect to see you anywhere near this hallowed ground tomorrow?

    Or are you just one more big mouthed little person who shows up here from time to time?

    Keep coming back, little buddy. I enjoy dealing with people like you.

  3. Bubba, I hope your buddies up in DC knock the ever loving shit out of anyone trying to deface the Wall.
    I was truly humbled when I visited the Wall many years ago and it makes my blood boil to think that there are assholes up there that would deface the wall.