Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Rudy's the man!

Along with McCain, he's got to be considered a frontrunner.


"But when selecting a President, Americans tend to vote on the basis of who they think will be the most effective leader. This tendency will be amplified in the next presidential election, when the nation will choose President Bush's successor as commander-in-chief in the War on Terror. That's why, even though a Giuliani victory may be difficult, it's far from impossible."

And THAT is the reason ANY of the potential Democrat nominees would face an uphill battle. (Hillary's triangulation skills don't qualify her as a "leader".)

Not to completely rule out Romney, Huckabee, or several other folks, but McCain vs Giuliani is going to be the contest for the GOP nomination.

All this is subject to change however, if the "Draft Condi Rice" movement gets its wish.


  1. Well, the Republicans could do worse.
    Look at Bob Dole a few years as a whip, remarkable memory, quick-witted....he was just in a package about 20-25 years too old for the position. If he'd been 50 instead of 70-something he'd have had a much better chance.

  2. Bubba, In answer to the ? left on my site, check tonight's blog. As for Rudy; I think he is as good as any of them and a hellava lot better looking. BB

  3. I would have voted for Rudy over Hillary for Senate in NY, if I had the chance, and would probably vote for him over her for Prez too. I was disappointed that he did not hang in the Senate race way back when. As much as I'd like to see a female president, I just can't imagine 24 years of either a Bush or Clinton as President.

  4. I think Rudy wanted to put his personal problems behind before he ran for a national office. His health was questionable at the time, too.