Friday, November 17, 2006

Rest well, Professor Friedman

You will indeed be missed.


"There are still plenty of devotees of the old, top-down, socialist-state model (Hillary Clinton, eg), but they no longer even pretend that what they do is economics - they couch all their prescriptions these days in terms of pure morality...a weird attempt by socialists to conscript Judeo-Christian ethics in support of socialized medicine and welfare. In the end, we can also thank Mr. Friedman for this: for forcing the socialists to fight on our battlefield, and thus in a place where we are bound to win."

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  1. Friedman's legacy.


    “[W]e can continue the struggle, do our part to leave the world a bit better, striving always to advance freedom. And, in doing so, we will benefit greatly from the intellectual ammunition and the personal example he leaves us. For that and much more, we should all mourn and honor this great man.”