Saturday, November 25, 2006

More insightful analysis on the Wray railroad

...over at Joe Guarino's blog.

Good point made by Wendell Sawyer:

"Obviously, Mitch Johnson and Linda Miles had a different opinion about David Wray. Why? What was the real motive that fueled Johnson in his quest to undermine the Chief of Police? Was it for the purported reasons that were published in the News & Record? Or, was there another motivation that was lurking beneath the surface?"

Our pals on the other side of this issue have fallen strangely silent on this issue. I wonder why?

What do you think?


  1. This issue was largely a product of the News & Record and Lorraine Ahearn.
    About Bledsoe's Rhino Times articles exposing the N&R complicity in this, John Robinson of the N&R says, "But I'm not going to waste our newsprint countering the innuendo. I think most readers can see where the storyline is going."
    Yes, Mr. Robinson, by all means refuse to acknowledge the facts because someone else gathered and printed them.

  2. What Jaycee said ! Ditto.

  3. Amen....

    The question should be how do we hold the people who are responsible for this mess accountable?

    How do we handle the N&R, the city council, the city manager, the city attorney, the race baiters, the extortion crowd, and our local libbie blogger buddies who all want to see Wray portrayed as the Bad Guy?

  4. Short of a revolution or slipping some testosterone in the CC's wheaties, I am affraid there is not much that can be done to correct this injustice. The crowd that you named , Bubba, has a tight grip on all things in Greensboro and the demographics do not look promising for a change of direction. This pessimism is born out of watching them operate since the introduction of the district system. Tilting at windmills is frustrating.

  5. But never give up. I was in the wilderness back in the 60's when this same crowd( actually their grandparents )reigned . Then Wm. F. Buckley Jr. inspired me with his book , " Up From Liberalism ". So I say again never give up.