Sunday, November 26, 2006

Further debunking the "scientific consensus" on "global warming"

... nonsense that the True Believers are so desperate to defend.

From AEI's New American magazine.


"Of the 12 phenomena the UN Climate Panel identified, as of 2001, that could either warm or cool the climate, only one is considered well understood: that is the heat–trapping effect of the greenhouse gases (see chart, page 94). Two other climate influences are given a “medium” level of understanding by the panel, and the other nine factors are understood “poorly.” In fact, some of the potential cooling forces and climate feedback mechanisms that are poorly understood may be large enough to offset the warming influence of the greenhouse gases. For example, research published in the August 4, 2006, issue of Science found that human-caused emissions of aerosol particles may increase cloud cover by up to 5 percent and that clouds have a cooling effect that may neutralize the warming that is caused by human-induced greenhouse gases. If that is true, then natural variation could be the best explanation for surface warming.[iii]"

"Achieving major reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in the near term is more a fantasy than a meaningful climate policy."

We also know that anthropogenic carbon dioxide greenhouse gas contributions are infinitesimally small.

The reasons we hear all the babble, dribble, drool and spew about "scientific consensus" on "global warming" are several.

Among them are the facts that:

-- It fulfills a Sacred Cow "progressive" agenda item, which must be protected at ALL cost, and.....

-- It provides a lucrative living for many folks who could not survive it it were not for this particular agenda, and....

-- It has potential to help fulfill redistribution of wealth advocates' fantasies, and.....

-- It's a useful tool to be used politically by "progressives" to portray the "evils" of free market capitalism.

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