Saturday, November 04, 2006

I have not seen this elsewhere in the local blogosphere

......... so it deserves to be published here on Noteworthy.


  1. Ah, sorry Gate. I should stop by your place more often.

    It's worth re-posting, though.

  2. It's now almost as famous as the Iwo Jima picture. It's been all over the news sites and military discussion forums since it came out.
    Screw all the blowhards and pundits sitting here safe and secure in the U.S., if you want to know how the troops feel, just ask 'em!

  3. God bless those men and women. They've been through hell and high water and have earned the right to think and say pretty much whatever they want about the war since they are the ones fighting and dying over there. More power to them.

  4. I linked it (don't know how to do pictures) from Sister Toldjah (thanks for introducing me to her) on November 1.

    So, technically I beat you too:):):)

    But also willing to share. It's a hoot.

  5. This military wife and mother is lovin' it! I have spent years on university campuses and years on military bases and I can assure you the cream of the crop can be found only on the military bases.BB