Saturday, November 04, 2006

According to some people, I'm just like Dick Cheney

Here's what Charming Charlie Rangel said about the Vice President, because he told the truth.

"He's such a real son of a b****, he just enjoys a confrontation.""

Just like me! (according to some people)

I need to work on my Darth Vader impression if I hope to truly emulate the VP.

Hmm.....would that mean Ed Cone gets to be Luke Skywalker?

Nah, that role clearly needs to go to Joe Killian.

Only problem from them is that they show no signs of having anything but the Lefty Force with them, something that's actually much closer to the Dark Side of the Force than anything I could come up with.


  1. I can see now you're gonna have to stay after class for further instruction.

    Joe is new and I believe he considers himself a Con, like Lex and me and you.

    Here's the thing: We don't march lock step with the party leadership. We needle and question.

    But you must recognize that Joe, Lex and Ed are professional journalists and have different aims in their blogging. They have honed the art of rhetoric to a razor's edge.

    They delight in slicing and dicing people like us. The problem is that after having been tortured appropriately, most victims go away or learn better.

    How much longer must this go on. I, for one, have become bored with the spectacle and that is the worst sin of all.

  2. Regardless of what he claims, Lex is no conservative.

    I would be more inclined to believe that of Joe, especially as he develops more insight with time and experience.

    I used to make my living as a journalist, too. From experience, I can say that the fact they make some sort of a living in the field does not give them any mystical authority or privilege that the rest of us do not enjoy. The tactics are predictable, and not effective on those of us who see through them.It's also clear they are not nearly as smart as they would like others to think.

    There's no excuse for Lex and Ed's snark, condescension, arrogance, and smarm. They use it in place of strength of character, but it has no impact on people like Sam and me.

    I'm not going away. I will continue to call them on it when appropriate. They can approach it in a mature way and get treated with an amount of respect, or they can admit their puerile character weakness and just ban me, and others who refuse to kiss their ass.

    It's their choice, and it's their problem.

    Let's see how poorly or how well they handle this.

  3. Can a person be a troll on their own blogsite?

    Do reporters stir the pot simply to generate hits to their blog and is this the reality to this babble?

  4. Bubba,

    ...after posting this idea here...I made a post on my blog.


  5. I realize you are also a journalist.

    Laying my previous stupid comments aside, Ed has a right to have his blog back. Despite his supposed politics, it is quite simply the best blog in GSO.

    As Lex has few visitors, I can hardly make the same case for him. He is the annointed Wunderkind at the N&R. And having trolls at the work blog just won't do.

  6. "....Ed has a right to have his blog back. Despite his supposed politics, it is quite simply the best blog in GSO."

    That doesn't matter. And he never lost his blog, despite what some want to depict.

    Also, meb may have pegged it perfectly about his motivation.

    A petitioner shouldn't have to kiss the Pope's ring, and ask permission to participate in the Mass.

    A petitioner should not have to wade through the papal cortiers and play the papal politics.

    That kind of crap went out with the Borgias in the 15th century.

  7. Until I hear from Ed why he chooses to be rude and obnoxious...I will assume that he is in full control and is grinning from ear to ear being one of the more successful blogs.

    Why does he not ban the people that he calls troll? I suspect he sees the kindred spirit.

    Why do so many come to his site?

    Why do so many watch the accidents on the 11:00 evening news? The people reporting and the people watching are what?....trolls...

    Have you noticed how silent he is about his motivations....makes me sick.

    Yep..he has every right to run his blog as he sees fit... I am very open to further education.