Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hewitt: Dems Have Peaked

Too early, as it turns out. It's all downhill for them now.

Remember that anything less than a complete takeover of both houses of Congress becomes an absolute rejection and humiliation of the highest order for the Democrat Party, and Minister-in-Waiting Kosputin.


  1. I really hope the Republicans can keep at least the Senate with a reasonable margin. The issue of judicial nominations is just too important.

  2. The Dems are already making excuses for the possibility that they may NOT win control of Congress.

    I hope they get the chance to use them.

    Since they have ceded control of policy decisions by the party to their far Left, there is WAY too much at stake to let them get political power again.

    On the bright side, if they do take both houses, I think it will take WAY less than two years for the public to decide that it was a big mistake to vote them in.