Tuesday, September 19, 2006

"Suicidal Handwringing"

As usual, Thomas Sowell gets it right. Several of our Senators, and the bulk of the lefties and "civil liberties" don't have a clue.

Key points:

"Does any sane adult believe that the cutthroats we are dealing with will respect the Geneva convention? Or that our extension of Geneva convention rights to them will be seen as anything other than another sign of weakness and confusion that will encourage them in their terrorism?"

"Squeamishness about how this is done is not a sign of higher morality but of irresponsibility in the face of mortal dangers."


And let's be very clear on this point: The Constitution is NOT a suicide pact.


  1. Fighting terrorists is inherently asymmetric. The recent setbacks Bush has suffered on GTMO, detainees and electronic surveillance grant further asymmetric advantage to the terrorists and their sponsors. We are making a terrible mistake in acquiescing to the protestations that brought these setbacks.

  2. Not according to our LGBBC tag team members, Joe.

    Even if we held up the white flag, and begged them to show up and institute the program, it STILL wouldn't be enough for those fringe cases, even those few that are American citizens..

    Of course, some of our pals will try to make a case for how huge the numbers are for this group, even though they have already been demonstrated to be a LOT fewer than the not-so loyal opposition would like you to believe.

    Their little pump up about the number of protesters remind me ogf their nonsense about the "scientific consensus" on "global warming".