Monday, September 18, 2006

Blackmail? Or Is Iran Up to Something Else?

Austin Bay analyzes the possibilities.


"I also think Iran fears “the Iraqi bulldog.” That term appeared in a cover story I wrote for the Weekly Standard in January 3, 2005.

An excerpt from that article:

Another acceptable End State [for Iraq, from the Coalition’s point of view] would be what a friend called “a too strong, bulldog Iraq.” Don’t dismiss the notion out of hand. Here are the attributes: “New Iraq” decides to rearm for offensive capability–and the French or Russians sell it weapons. Angry at perceived Syrian, Iranian, or Saudi interference, a brave new Iraqi government turns to regional assertiveness as a way of solidifying domestic support. The United States could live with this End State, but it would seriously frustrate attempts to spur political evolution in Saudi Arabia and Iran."

I think Austin Bay is right.


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