Saturday, September 16, 2006

So How Bad WAS the Recent Senate Report Regarding National Security and Intelligence?

Pretty bad, indeed.

Stephen Hayes, THE authority on this issue, puts it in the trash, where it belongs.


"And late last week, following the release of the Senate report, Barham Salih, deputy prime minister of Iraq, had this to say: 'The alliance between the Baathists and jihadists which sustains al Qaeda in Iraq is not new, contrary to what you may have been told.' Salih continued: 'I know this at first hand. Some of my friends were murdered by jihadists, by al Qaeda-affiliated operatives who had been sheltered and assisted by Saddam's regime.'"

Some day there will be an authoritative and richly detailed history of the nature of the relationship between the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda and other Islamist terror groups. This latest product of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is unlikely to merit even a footnote in this history."


  1. Hayes was on the case a long time ago like..


  2. It is difficult to believe that the Republicans still have not gotten their message together on this issue. The information is accessible to defend Bush's initial decision to go into Iraq.

  3. The comment above Joes was mine but the name is unreadable

  4. Good link, Fred. I had missed the Levin column.

    There is a day of reckoning coming from our disregard for the facts.

    And yet the not-so loyal oppostion and their Lame Stream Media pals had a field day with the Senate report.

    There is a day of reckoning coming for these people, too. It may not be this year, but it will come.

  5. Every time the lame stream media airs an explanatory message from the administration they then air 3 days of catcalls, rebuttals, and outright lies from the opposition. Somehow the truth seems to get lost in the media's frenzy to destroy the Republicans.