Friday, June 23, 2006

Global Warming and Political Correctness

Since we're sure to hear lots of support for the new AP Global Warming story, as prominently featured with a large, thick typeface right under the flag in this morning's N&R, I thought this little tidbit was worth sharing. And it's from one of Ed Cone's favorite comic strips to boot!

For too long, the global warming advocates held sway in the hearts and minds of our nation's media without being questioned. When the voices of skeptics made themselves heard, the reaction was just what you might expect from those who viewed the cause as a religious quest.

Let's see how this latest report stacks up against objective analysis.


The AP story I discussed above came from a report by the National Academy of Sciences. Here's what the Patriot Post said about a petition sponsored by a past president of said Academy, in an email update today, in reference to algore's new science fiction movie.

"More than 17,000 scientists, to date, have signed a petition
sponsored by Dr. Frederick Seitz, past president of the National
Academy of Sciences, refuting Gore's claims that global warming
is human-induced. The petition states: 'There is no convincing
scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane,
or other greenhouse gasses is causing or will, in the foreseeable
future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth's atmosphere and
disruption of the Earth's climate. Moreover, there is substantial
scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide
produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal
environments of the Earth.'

Renowned meteorologist Dr. William Gray, in a recent interview with
Discover Magazine (which has advocated the theory of human-induced
global warming), says: 'This human-induced global-warming
thing... is grossly exaggerated... I'm not disputing there has been
global warming. There was a lot of global warming in the 1930s and
'40s, and then there was global cooling in the middle '40s to the
early '70s. Nearly all of my colleagues who have been around 40 or
50 years are skeptical... about this global-warming thing. But no
one asks us.' (Gray was described by Discover Magazine's editors
as one of 'the world's most famous hurricane experts.')

Commenting on the misuse of science to support political agendas,
Harvard's Dr. Malcolm Ross concludes of such folly, 'Freeze or fry,
the problem is always industrial capitalism, and the solution is
always international socialism.' "

It's a direct contradiction of the what the AP story said. "Broad scientific consenus on global warming", my ass!


  1. Bubba, You can find “experts” to speak on this topic from both sides. So I suppose we all must take up a position that works with our own experiences. I, in my lifetime, have watched an old growth forest sicken and is now dying. And yes we did have global warming in the mid 20th century because that is when it really got started where it was noticeable. But this is the first time we have had the polar ice caps melting in eons. Since we haven’t for any huge truly polluting volcanic activity throwing pollutants in the air such as caused the last period of global warming then the obvious culprit is man and his fossil fuels. Then again as I said, personal experience means much in this debate and which side you are on. I guess I am an algorette. You see I grew up in the northern Ohio Valley of coal/steel fame and though we lived 15 miles back from the factories along the river in the moist morning air the sulfur burned our eyes while we waited for the school bus. Imagine what it did to the environment. Imagine what that same stuff did to the upper atmosphere. Then imagine it almost worldwide. Brenda Bee

  2. Brenda, the point is that there is NO scientific consensus on these issues, like the True Believers would like everyone to accept at face value.

  3. Bubba,

    Been in Italy for two weekds and didn't know you had started a blog. Good for you. Funny thing I was catching up on my favorites and read all the back cartoons. I sent Ed Cone the Mallard Fllmore/Scot Pelly hoot before I learned of your blog and noticed that you linked it in a post with refernce to Ed's distaste for MF.

    I'll be dropping in now on regular basis

  4. Thanks, Fred. I'll look forward to your input.

  5. Brenda: I'm from Ohio too. All those steel mills are gone now, as are the jobs. What else do you suggest to "cool" the world back down? And China? What are you proposing for those factories? Also, Ohio used to be covered by a glacier. We weren't around then to cause that warming.

  6. Brenda Bee wrote:
    "Since we haven’t for any huge truly polluting volcanic activity throwing pollutants in the air such as caused the last period of global warming then the obvious culprit is man and his fossil fuels."

    Mt. Pinatubo erupted in the Phillipines in 2002 and spewed more pollutants into the air in one eruption that the emissions from every car ever produced. It did this in ONE eruption!
    Man's effect on climate is relatively insignificant.

  7. "Mt. Pinatubo erupted in the Phillipines in 2002 and spewed more pollutants into the air in one eruption that the emissions from every car ever produced."

    Another "Inconvenient Truth" that the True Believers always forget to mention.

    Brenda,the True Believers/Enviro Whackos are not known for their intellectual integrity when there is a political, social, or economic agenda point to be made.

    Be careful about accepting some of their information at face value.

  8. A June 2000 Business Week article referred to physicist Frederick Seitz as "the granddaddy of global-warming skeptics". Seitz was once a director and shareholder of a company that operated coal-fired power plants.

    Dr. Seitz is a former President of the National Academy of Sciences, but the Academy disassociated itself from Seitz in 1998 [8 years ago] when Seitz headed up a report designed to look like an NAS journal article saying that carbon dioxide poses no threat to climate. The report, which was supposedly signed by 15,000 scientists [not 17,000], advocated the abandonment of the Kyoto Protocol. The NAS went to unusual lengths to publically distance itself from Seitz' article. Seitz signed the 1995 Leipzig Declaration.

    Algore is making war on the people of the world with a phony issue.

    Some of the following information was in a Readers Digest article called, “What’s Wrong with Global Warming?”, and some was in the Old farmer’s Almanac. The rest is from other sources.

    Warm periods are part of this planet’s regular cycle. They are caused by the realignment of the planet with the sun. There were no SUV’s during the last warm period, which ended the era now known as the Dark Ages. That warm period is now known as the Renaissance.

    The Renaissance was a time of greatly expanded knowledge, art, exploration, and construction: There were many more artists painting many more pictures, many more sculptors making many more sculptures, hundreds of churches/temples were built in Europe, and the Angor Wot temple was built in Asia. Many sailors sailed around much of the planet.

    There was no flooding (not even in Venice) because the sea ice contracted when it melted, and the heat of the sun evaporated much of the ocean water into the atmosphere to provide rainfall where there previously was drought. This increased agriculture around the world. The growing season started sooner and lasted longer, which meant much more food was grown around the world, and there was no famine.

    The poles were warmer and the snow which fell there was wet, not the dry snow which falls in the extremely-bitter cold. This returned much of the atmospheric water to be the polar ice.
    The polar bear experts in Canada report that the polar bears in Canada are thriving. The polar bears were originally grizzly bears located in the polar regions of the planet when it went into this ice age. They evolved into polar bears when the ice age started, and they can swim 60 miles at a time.

    One thousand years ago, the Vikings sent groups of people to colonize Greenland, which had farmable land, not ice. This is what the last warm period was like.

    Now, Greenland is returning to the way it used to be a millennium ago, farmable land not ice. A glacier in Greenland is melting, revealing the farmable land the Vikings went there to till; larger crop yields already are the result, and the codfish have returned to the waters off Greenland.

    Ice in the oceans contracts when it melts, lowering the water level, the benefit of melting sea ice. This means that the oceans will not rise even one foot, let alone Algore’s twenty feet.

    Extra carbon dioxide is inhaled by trees and other plants which exhale extra oxygen that we breathe, making the air more breathable. Carbon dioxide also makes the trees and other plants bigger, taller, and stronger. This means that we get more wood, stronger wood which could resist hurricane damage and does resist termite damage.

    Crops grow faster and larger.
    Warm weather is healthier than cold weather.
    Warm weather is safer than cold weather with snow and ice.
    Warm weather saves energy that would have gone for heating.
    More water is available around the world for crops, less worry about droughts.
    Polar routes will cut shipping distances and save fuel.
    Seasonal jobs will become year-round jobs.

    The heat of the sun will evaporate water from the oceans, lakes, and rivers into the upper atmosphere where winds will blow it evenly around the world, providing normal rain world-wide, even where there presently is drought and barren land. Moving all this water evenly around the world to become rainfall will prevent flooding. The poles will be warmer and the snow which falls there will be wet, not the dry snow which falls in the extremely-bitter cold. This will return much of the atmospheric water to the poles to be the thicker polar ice.

    The rain will cause long-dormant seeds in the barren lands to sprout and grow into new plants. The grasses will be food for livestock, and all the new plants will inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, which we breathe. There will be so many new plants, that we might have to increase the amount of carbon dioxide we generate, to provide for them all.

    Hopefully, we are nearing the end of an ice age that has lasted many centuries; and hopefully, the planet is returning to a normalcy which will also last for centuries. Parts of the world are still experiencing record low temperatures. In Switzerland, a glacier is melting. The receding glacier is revealing the silver mine under it, with the mining equipment still in it, waiting for someone to resume mining the silver ore. This is normalcy in Switzerland.

    Glaciers still hold the water that is needed for the lands that are barren. This is the cause of drought which occurred because the water needed for condensation is frozen into glaciers, also the cause of flooding. The melting glaciers will provide water for the land which was previously frozen, and to be evaporated into the atmosphere to become normal rainfall worldwide.

    The melting of the glacier on Mount Ararat could enable the finding of the remains of Noah’s Ark, which was crushed by the ice which was not there when Noah landed.

    As it was during the Renaissance, the next warm period will be a time of advancement for the world with all the additional agriculture and the end of famine, drought, and barren land; the people will be safer, healthier, and more prosperous, and be able to wear bikinis worldwide,
    as long as they don’t give control over their lives to Algore, his fellow liberal traitors, and their Islamo-fascist-terrorist-murderer partners-in-crime!!!

    Algore says that the world will be destroyed by global warming in ten years; but his Islamo-fascist-terrorist-murderer partners-in-crime say that the twelfth Imam will destroy the world in two years. They have as much credibility as Algore. If so, why should we worry about something that will happen eight years after we are all dead? We should all enjoy the warm weather as much as we can, as long as we can.

    If the people of Italy are worried about gorebal-warring-caused flooding predicted by Algore, why aren’t they building a 21-foot-high waterproof wall around Venice?

    Ronald Shultz
    1333 Wingate Avenue
    Kenhorst, PA 19607