Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Consequences of Bad Voting Choices.

Here's the potential nationwide consequences of yesterday's election.

Obama will circumvent Congress and courts to implement even worse "reform" on our nation in virtually every political, social, and economic aspect imaginable. 

The expansion of Big Government and Big Regulation will be mind-blowing.

The cost of health care, energy, and food will skyrocket. 

Entitlement spending will skyrocket, in tandem with tax increase on EVERYONE who actually pays taxes, in order to fund new and "improved" programs that promote "social justice" and "fairness". 

Increased deficit spending and increased national debt will become the new normal, and mention of spending cuts by the new conservative underclass will automatically be labeled as "racist".

Our freedoms will erode to the point of irrelevancy. Freedom of speech and religion will be highly abused until they no longer exist. 

The second amendment will be ignored. 

New and more obnoxious "rights" will be created without a thought to their destructive results. 

Finally, we will become markedly less safe at home and abroad from the evil and hate that exists to destroy our society and enslave our culture.

Other than that, no big deal, right?

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