Friday, March 16, 2012

Is liberalism lazy and immoral?

Short answer: probably so.

"The American work ethic can be eroded though and will be, Brooks argues, by an expanding welfare state. It isn't just that people who believe life to be unfair demand that governments 'equalize"'outcomes. It's that once governments undertake to equalize things, people begin to believe that success is more a matter of luck than hard work. A 2005 study of 29 countries found that where taxes are high and wealth is redistributed through social programs, people are much more likely to believe that success is a result of luck.......

'Ireland has a very different attitude to success than a lot of places...In the United States, you look ... in the mansion on hill, and you think ... one day, if I work really hard, I could live in that mansion. In Ireland, people look ... in the mansion on hill and go, one day, I'm going to get that bastard.'

That's the spirit of the Democratic Party. It's the mode of President Obama's demonization of 'millionaires and billionaires.' If successful, Brooks warns, it will smother the greatest engine for prosperity -- especially for the poor -- in human history."
No doubt.
Is Liberalism Lazy and Immoral? - Opinion - PatriotPost.US

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