Monday, July 18, 2011

The inhumane condition of poverty victims in America

Looks like poverty in America just isn't what it used to be.

"Odds are you will be hearing about this new Heritage study in the liberal mainstream media in the days ahead and it will be mis-characterized as advocating abolition of all government welfare programs, that it "attacks the poor" and that Rector and Sheffield are typical heartless conservatives who have no compassion for the less fortunate among us."


  1. I did without all those things for many years, and without ANY government assistance ever, in order to be able to eventually provide some of them for myself and my family. I saw those on the dole getting things my taxes were providing while I did without.

  2. Yeah, but that doesn't matter......we have to "spread the wealth around", even if we don't really qualify as "wealthy".

  3. There are two Americas.
    One America works hard and pays taxes.
    The other America lies around in government housing drinking wine, smoking crack, and making babies while we taxpayers support their lifestyle.
    The socialist policies of our government have spawned an enslaved class, a guaranteed block vote who continue to vote Democrat because they're afraid of losing the government money on which they rely. Without it, they'd have to work like the rest of us.

  4. No, there's the two REAL americas.

    One got out of college and landed a good job for a while. But then greedy corporations found out it was easier to outsource and hire someone overseas for much less money and after 2 months fired that person. Thus "hard-working" person 1 now becomes person 2:

    Person 2:

    He wishes he could work and busts his ass everyday looking for ANY kind of work, not just what he paid thousands of $ to go to school for. he's living off unemployment compensation (or what you conservatives would call "leaches of the political system") and he still looks for work and can't find ANYTHING AT ALL BECAUSE CORPORATIONS ARE CHEAPSKATES WITH NO SOUL. His unemployment runs out and he has to go on welfare. Is this your stereotypical welfare queen/king? argument in action here? No, it's just everyday Americans trying to get by but with no luck. So, when America FINALLY gets back to work, they'll be proud to pay their fair share of taxes (and hopefully billionaires will get taxed at a much higher rate b/c they can afford it) because they know they're supporting the current people out of work, as well as (hopefully not) themselves in the future if they go unemployed again. This is the way America should be.... people of compassion for those without help, not spineless people who care only about themselves.

  5. "... and he still looks for work and can't find ANYTHING AT ALL BECAUSE CORPORATIONS ARE CHEAPSKATES WITH NO SOUL..."

    Yes, of course. It's those EEEEEEEEEVIL corporations, and us EEEEEEEEEVIL conservatives who are responsible for all the nation's problems, isn't it? Why, I'd even bet were stopping a cure from cancer to become avaialable, at least until those EEEEEEEEEVIL corporations can figure out how to maximize their rape and pillage of society, right?

    It's always nice to get a viewpoint from a member of the Slacker Generation.....thanks for your comment.

  6. "Corporations" employ the majority of our workforce in the U.S.
    Painting all corporations with the same Socialist brush adds nothing to the conversation, and helps no one find a job.
    Get off of your ass, quit demanding a high-paying management position, and work like a real man.