Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bottom Line? This won't stop the hysterical anti-frackster nonsense

They'll figure out some other angle to work, or they'll play a "scientific consensus on global warming" type argument.


"The evidence suggests that the worst fears about contamination of water supplies appear to be considerably exaggerated by opponents of natural gas drilling. Ronald Bailey argues that a new shale fracking technique that avoids the use of water should put even those exaggerated fears to rest."

A Better Way to Frack? - Reason Magazine


  1. No, nothing will stop the anti-frackers except the poverty they and those like them intend to force upon our nation.

    Don Quixote like luddites, or simply a group of lonely souls looking for a cause to rally around, I don't know. Either way they are bad for America.


    Keep the Duke report Jeff posted a week or so ago handy as it does as it does more damage to his cause than he seems to realize as your link points out.

  2. Cone, Sykes and company are obsessed with fracking despite all the evidence that it is a safe technology.

    It's OK in OK

    Fred Gregory