Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And THIS is an absolute truth

Donald J. Devine:

"Regnant progressivism–whether in liberal or 'moderate' or 'third way' or socialist guise–has one solution. Do more of the same national government, expert-led, one-size-fits-all, welfare-statism that has led us to the current alienation. Continuing to do the same thing after it repeatedly has failed is one definition of insanity. Progressivism does not work. It is time to give another alternative a chance.

Yes, it takes a structural solution to solve a structural problem but national government bureaucracy and expertise are not the only alternative, and they have not been able to solve the problems after a century of trying. More liberty is another solution.

As de Tocqueville taught, revitalizing voluntary associations, with access to real resources and creating a multiplicity of quasi-voluntary local governments with real powers are alternative solutions to the problems of community and globalism. Both involve millions of activists who can revive a working sense of community. They deserve the opportunity to prove they can work, as they did before the welfare state displaced them as the humane solutions to these perennial human social problems."

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