Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Great new magazine for some of our "friends" in the blahgosphere

Inside This Issue: Location of her underground lair. Evil Sarah's Deadly Arsenal: Ray Gun, Mind-Numb Robot Army, Mind Controlling Dog Whistle, Insanity Inducing Target Map, Hypnotizing Sex Appeal. 10 Things You Should Know About Sarah: Dumb yet brilliantly evil. Thinks the planet is only 47 years old. Shoots kittens and puppies for sport. Violates the Prime Directive just for fun. Our Friends Are Stealing From Us: the New York Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN are selling our ideas as hard news. Brain Exercises: How to trick your mind into believing facts are fiction and vice versa. New Study: All conservative speech is vitriol and leads to violence. Progressive speech will align your chakras. Next Issue: The Tea Party's plan to summon Cthulhu and control the world.

Hat tip: The People's Cube, via American Digest.

Vanderleun adds:

"The theme of the week/month/year that the autofellationists of both left and right are sharing deeply today seems to be ye olde 'Palin not qualified' canard. From Powerline to Daily Kos they seem united in their Stop Palin circle jerk.

Well, it's early innings for 2012 as yet, and the people, not the pundits and pudpullers of the right and left, will have something to say about it after all."


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