Thursday, December 02, 2010

FCC: "Merry Christmas!"

"Here's your Net 'Neutrality' that you don't need, but WE need for agenda enhancement, and a further extension of Uncle Sugar's long reach into every aspect of our society. Oh, by the way: We don't need no stinking Congress to stand in our way."


"This plan was an improvement from earlier calls by regulation proponents to ban nearly all types of traffic management. But the case-by-case approach leaves vast discretion in the hands of the FCC: Could a provider take steps to limit 'bandwidth hogs' who are consuming vast amounts of available capacity? Could it offer 'priority service' to willing content providers for a fee? These questions are left for the commission to handle at its discretion. Such discretion is not only dangerous, but it is hardly likely to create the consistent regulatory atmosphere necessary to encourage needed investment in the Internet."

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