Saturday, October 09, 2010

"Progressives" manipulate Google to slime Republican candidates

No, there's no astroturfed "progressive" pollution in any election process, is there?


"The purpose of the SEO Astro Turf program is to influence undecided voters by having them read negative articles about Republican candidates for Congress. This exploits the fact many undecided voters conduct pre-election research via search engines like Google.

Kos is urging their members to sign up for a program to conduct research and then link damaging articles with the purpose of manipulating them to the top of the Google rankings where they will be the first thing read when an undecided voter is researching their candidates."


  1. hey why is a blog bloated with fear and prejudice called noteworthy?

  2. THANK YOU for posting this!

    I really like your blog!!

    common cents

  3. The "lefties" learned these tactics from the multimillionaire GOP fence jumpers who suddenly developed a conscience, due to one investigative committee or another, and decided to politically kiss a little donkey butt. These tactics are tame compared to the dirty deeds and tricks utilized by the republican party today. Just take note of the massacre engineered by the "Rightie-Talking", "Tea Party contending", "Young Republican" and other groups of Maoist type propaganda spewing, race hating, millionaire club, GOP lets give ourselves a wealthy tax break on our own terms, political machine gun. What has the world come to? When the new "machine gunners" take office in January I suspect our country will begin a flaming rapid spiral toward total self destruction.

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