Friday, October 01, 2010

Let's call this for what it is......

Pimp the bonds, then pimp the tax increase.

It's an outrage, and a typical example of the "Business As Usual" disease which plagues Greensboro and Guilford county, and makes our part of the world a less atteactivbe place to live and work.

This unholy combination of corrupt special interest groups needs to be stopped.

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  1. These folks have a desire and then decide that it is an entitlement- for them. My take is that if they want it, let them invest their money and pay for it. An example: One of my personal indulgences is a car with 6-speed manual transmission, engine modifications which boost power by an estimated 20% (which requires premium gasoline), high performance tires rated for 187 MPH (and which do not last nearly as long as conventional tires) My wife will ride with me but refuses to drive the car. I paid for it and maintain it with my money. Many other people would not like this car at all. It would be wrong to arrange for others to be forced to indulge my transportation whims by forcibly taking their money to pay for it. But these bonds might, and probably will, result in all local taxpayers having to fork over the payments. Would you (those pushing the bonds) like to help with my car expenses?