Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The current state of "Blame Bush-Foreign Policy Dept."

"As the antithesis of Bush is learning, foreign dictators are likely to bite the hand that strokes them."


"But suddenly Barack Obama’s brief tenure has reminded us that, in fact, almost all the world’s crises arose before the Bush presidency and continued during and after it.

Examine current
American foreign policy toward every region, and one of three general patterns emerges: Either things are no better since the end of 2008, or they are much worse, or the Obama administration has reverted to the Bush way of doing things — despite constant assurances to the world that Bush was at fault, American foreign policy was now reset, and global animosity arose out of past misunderstanding, insensitivity, and American hubris."

Imagine that!

We are less secure as a nation with Obama as President, enabled by partisan fools both inside and outside of Congress and the tank media.

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