Monday, September 13, 2010

The problem with electric cars

"Myth: The Future Belongs to Electric Cars"


"I advise caution: Do not be surprised if electric cars do not follow the trajectory of personal computers and mobile phones. Leaving aside the prohibitive prices, the infrastructure needed to support wide-scale use of electric cars is nonexistent. How readily will the requisite millions of batteries be available when manufacturers are quick to unveil new, bold electric car plans but slow to commit to massive battery orders? And how will people in large cities, where 30 to 60 percent of cars are parked curbside, charge their vehicles? Mass construction of charging stations must precede mass ownership of electrics outside of the suburbs, where vehicles could be charged in garages. This is why researchers at IHS Global Insight put the share of pure electrics at just 0.6 percent of world sales in 2020, and why any claim that electric cars will soon take over the market is utterly unrealistic."

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  1. Baker Motor Vehicle made electric cars until 1914. One of those cars appeared in a episode of the TV program "Peter Gunn". So the concept is definitely not new. The execution of the concept is still wanting.