Monday, September 27, 2010

Pay attention, FCC

It's time to abandon your little quest for so-called "Net Neutrality"


"So what have we learned? That Internet reclassification and Net Neutrality are drastic alleged 'solutions' to an imaginary problem – with very real, across the board, bipartisan, multi-governmental branch opposition."

Best guess? They won't move on.

The Obamalanders' fetish for control over every aspect of our society is too great. And, as is the case with widespread public discontent with other political, social, and economic factors, Team Obama just doesn't get it.

They never will, not even after we remove these bums' power and influence.

1 comment:

  1. Control? The proposed salt regulations threaten the traditional country ham that some of us enjoy occasionally. And Michelle is fixated on weight control. Imagine that the Feds might ration French fries. Each of us would get a card with stripe similar to a credit card. Swipe the card when ordering the fries. The system tracks consumption and approves - or blocks- the order of the moment. I recall years ago longing for the day that it would not be necessary to ask parental permission for each contemplated action. Looks like those days are coming back.