Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Did Obama say anything of note last night?

Apparently not. And no one is really surprised.

Charles Krauthammer:

"I thought the speech was both flat and odd."

Jennifer Rubins:

"Obama is still candidate Obama, never tiring of reminding us that he kept his campaign pledge and ever eager to push aside foreign policy challenges so he can get on with the business of remaking America. All in all, it was what we were promised it would not be — self-serving, disingenuous, ungracious, and unreassuring."


"If we still don’t know how the Iraq war is going to end, an engaged, strategically far-sighted commander-in-chief is essential."

...which we most certainly do not currently have by ANY stretch of the imagination, in ANY area of national concern foreign or domestic.

We won't even begin to talk about the hypocrisy of candidate-turned President Obama on the entire Iraq issue.

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