Friday, September 10, 2010

"The American Christian: A Believer Among The Dismissers"

Defending the Faith:

"To my Christian brethren, I say: I am with you. I feel the inhibitions as you do. I try not to let them thwart me. I don't always succeed. But I stand by our faith, and what it provides us:

Guidance: A map for navigating around the moral and ethical shoals of life.

Comfort: Reassurance that each individual's life, however he's regarded by those around him, has meaning to an Interpreter who requires no external justification.

Courage: The supreme virtue, upon which the exercise of every other virtue, great or small, depends: the willingness to accept the consequences, foreseen or not, of doing what we know we should do, and being who we've elected to be.

Be not afraid."

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