Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ray Bradbury, at 90

"I think our country is in need of a revolution."


"Russell Kirk picked up on the storyteller's abilities to impart moral truths through parables. Arguing in the late 1960s that Bradbury should wear the literati's scorn as a mark of honor, Kirk explained that critics 'perceived that Bradbury is a moralist, which they could not abide; that he has no truck with the obscene, which omission they found unpardonable; that he is no complacent liberal, because he knows the Spirit of the Age to be monstrous -- for which let him be anathema; that he is one of the last surviving masters of eloquence and glowing description, which ought to be prohibited; that, with Pascal, he understands how the Heart has reasons which the Reason cannot know -- so to the Logicalist lamp-post with him.'"

If they even bother to notice this landmark occasion for this important writer, I wonder if Cone and the Dwarfs will give Bradbury the slimeball treatment they love to heap on Orson Scott Card.

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