Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our old friend Jerry Weast moves on -- again

Washington Examiner:"Weast legacy: Doing less with more."


"Only in a region where government-at-all-levels is the biggest employer would spending more and achieving less be considered an accomplishment.

Worst of all, Weast's rocky relationship with parents and school board members has been variously described as "bullying" and "imperial." And an Examiner editor dubbed his lamentable efforts to dismantle the district's gifted-students program as "Leave No Child Ahead." Obviously, it was past time for Weast to move on."

This story is old news. But if you read the original WaPo story, you might think you're reading about two different guys.

Which story do you think most accurately represents the Jerry Weast we knew and "loved"?

On a side note, I wonder what Terry Grier is up to these days?

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