Friday, July 02, 2010

Guess who wants to re-define religious "freedom" to make it fit The Agenda (TM)??

Here's a clue: It's NOT Chuck Colson

Here's the George Weigel article Colson referenced.


"Religious freedom is already under assault from proponents of the LGBT agenda in Europe and Canada. Rocco Buttiglione’s convictions about the immorality of homosexual acts prevented his becoming Minister of Justice of the European Union, despite a lifetime in defense of the basic human rights of all and an explicit assurance that he would scrupulously enforce the EU’s equal-protection laws.

The Canadian Revenue Agency (their IRS) has recently removed the tax-exempt status of a Calgary church, in part because it spends more than 10 percent of its funds and time preaching and teaching against same-sex 'marriage' (and, to compound the offense, euthanasia and abortion). Anyone who imagines that this can’t happen in the Great Republic need only consider the recent efforts by the Washington, D.C., City Council to bring the Archdiocese of Washington to heel over the marriage question."

Hat Tip:Brenda Bowers

There is a concerted effort by local "progressive experts" to marginalize Christian-oriented bloggers. Two of the most prominent targets are Joe Guarino, and Michele Forrest.

These marginalizers have no qualms about re-defining Christianity and any particular individual Christian in a way that conveniently fits The Agenda (TM).

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