Friday, May 14, 2010

Government "job creation": Just a myth, or is it an outright lie?

Kenneth Green: "Slapping Green Lipstick on the Job Creation Pig"


"President Obama is traveling around bragging about how his government is creating jobs, and will create more. But this is bunk: the myth of 'government job creation' has been busted more times than Tiger Woods’ pretensions to monogamy. In fact, in my area of study, energy and environmental policy, nearly everything that the president and his allies in Congress are doing is likely suppressing job growth, if not killing jobs outright."

"Jobs created or saved"!

What a sick joke played on the American people......

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  1. The only jobs "created" are non-productive jobs overseeing more non-productive jobs which oversee the few short term, part time non-productive jobs such as Census takers.