Wednesday, April 07, 2010

New Duke sexual misconduct policy: You might be a rapist if you're too "powerful"

I kid you not.

Read about it here, from FIRE:

"Duke's vastly overbroad definition of non-consensual sex puts nearly
every student at risk of being found guilty of sexual misconduct. Students are
said to be able to unintentionally coerce others into sexual activity through
'perceived power differentials,' which could include otherwise unremarkable and
consensual liaisons between a varsity athlete and an average student, a senior
and a freshman, or a student government member and a non-member.

Further, students are said to be unable to consent to sexual behavior
when 'intoxicated,' regardless of their level of intoxication. Duke has turned
mutually consensual sexual conduct, which might merely be poorly considered,
into a punishable act. Adding to the confusion, if both parties are intoxicated
at all, both are guilty of sexual misconduct, since neither can officially give
consent. North Carolina law does not support this definition of consent.

'Of course, there is no way that everyone who was
intoxicated during sexual activity, let alone 'perceived' as more powerful, is
going to be charged with sexual misconduct,'
said Adam Kissel, Director
of FIRE's Individual Rights Defense Program. 'Add to that
the provision about an unintentional atmosphere of coercion, and anyone can see
that Duke's policy is impossible to rationalize or to fairly and equitably
enforce. As a result, this policy effectively trivializes real sexual
misconduct, which is a gravely serious crime.'"

Hat tip to Dr. Helen, who adds:

"It seems to me that the most powerful group on
Duke's campus is the group of feminists that got this policy passed. If you have
sex with one of them, you have obviously been raped and need to file charges. "

More at Protein Wisdom:

"Women’s Center Director Ada Gregory was quoted in Duke’s student
newspaper The Chronicle justifying the new policy, saying, 'The higher [the] IQ, the more manipulative they are, the more
cunning they are … imagine the sex offenders we have here at Duke—cream of the
crop.' "

What is WRONG with these people?


  1. Wanna bet who they voted for in the last Presidential election?

  2. Big man on campus meets Mindy Meek at a party, both get drunk and decide to get nekked. Big Man blows off Mindy in the morning. Mindy has hurt feelings and charges Big Man with rape as per Duke definition.

  3. Male student with big, flashy, expensive car pulls up at red light next to female student with Prius. Encounter leads to sex. Male student charged with rape by use of vehicular superiority intimidation.

    Male is an "A" student. Female is a "B" student. Prima facie case of superior intellect forcing inferior intellect into sex acts. Rape charge must follow.

    Duke has just evolved from the eccentric into the absurd.