Monday, March 22, 2010

The Corruptocrats waste no time, do they?

They've pushed the financial "overhaul" legislation out of committee in the Senate.

If the Corruptocrats maintain their arrogant insufferable bastards routine on this, we take it to the streets.

This is going to become the moral equivalent to war all the way through the election.

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  1. All that is left is for the Republicans to invoke the Byrd Rule on this reconciliation. Rule 6 says that if the bill changes/ effects Social Security then reconcilliation can not be used until that part is removed from the bill.

    I submit that it does since it changes Medicare which was established under SS and is controlled under the SSA and monies are collected and distributed via SSA.

    Why won't the Republicans take the action and stop this travesty? Could it be that they are playing the American people for suckers and putting forth a sham of wanting to remove this fiasco?