Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Trend? WHAT trend? There's no trend!" say the Usual Suspects, despite the obvious message sent by the public.

But now they can't ignore it.

Approve: 47.6%


And, as well we know, the huge double digit plus margin for the "strongly disaprove" category has existed for quite some time now.

Bottom line? The dems/Lefties/"Progressives" can't continue to cover up the failed Obama presidency much longer.

And it's going to get worse:

"Ruth Marcus explains: 'So can a chastened Obama regain the lost sense of excitement and opportunity? Eventually, perhaps, but never entirely. The second time is never as thrilling.'

Especially when the thrill was based on cotton-candy rhetoric and a blank slate onto which Obama told us we were projecting our hopes and dreams. If there is no there there, then the thrill is not likely to return."


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